Top 10 Mistakes Made In Every Job Interview

You’ve nailed the pre-screen, and are now being invited to the in-person interview.

What you fail to realize is that you are in the same position as 10’s of thousands of other hopeful applicants each and every day.

And, each day these applicants make the same mistakes over and over again, taking themselves out of the running without even knowing it.

What are these critical mistakes being made? Check them out in our top 10 mistakes made during every job interview below:

1 – Appearing uninterested.

Appearing uninterested is almost certainly a deal breaker. Most employers have more applicants than they need or want. If you aren’t demonstrably interested in them – they certainly aren’t interested in hiring you.

2 – TMI.

While honesty is a virtue, some applicants believe that getting it all out in the open is beneficial. While speaking untruthfully is taboo, there is no need to “spill your guts” to every question. Keep in on point and avoid sharing too much information.

3 – Showing up late.

You can literally cannot plan enough for this one. If you can, do a practice run. On the day of the interview, allow yourself double the time you normally would to go the same distance. If for some reason you’re running late, it is critical to call your interviewer to let them know.

4 – Criticizing previous employers.

It’s fine to talk about what the limitations may be in your current job, but never bad-mouth a current or previous employer. There’s two sides to every story, and it could ultimately give your interviewer the impression you’re difficult to work with.

5 – Being too modest.

Failing to talk yourself up during an interview is one of the most self-defeating mistakes that you can make. This is not the time for humility – don’t be afraid to speak about your accomplishments.

6 – Appearing arrogant.

It’s great to show that you’re confident in an interview, but don’t let that tip over into arrogance. Listen carefully to your interviewer, don’t interrupt and watch the humor and jokes. You don’t want to accidentally offend your interviewer while trying to be funny.

7 – Showing your desperation.

If you walk into an interview desperate for the job, your interviewer will quickly realize this. You need to muster all the confidence you can. Walk into the interview as if you don’t need the job but more that the job needs you. It’s a fine line here, but the desperate card never plays well.

8 – Not practicing.

During the interview, there will always be some questions you’re not looking forward to. The goal of the interviewer is to see how well you can think on your feet, how well you react to stress, and how well you communicate ideas. Be prepared.

9 – Unnecessary apologies.

A direct line to undermining yourself in front of an employer. Apologising for yourself, for others, for your answers, for your appearance – you name it – can make you look weak. Be who you are. Confidently.

10 – Failing to follow up.

Many job seekers are relieved when a job interview is over, and believe that the hard work is done. They simply wait to receive a job offer. Persistent, deliberate follow up will often be required if you really want the job.