How to Write a Resume for Hospitality Industry


The hospitality industry is the name given to all the services that are meant for catering to the needs of the tourists in a particular area. From the definition, it can be grasped that the jobs that this industry can offer to people involve major customer relations.

Therefore, the candidates who are willing to work in this industry must possess a certain skill level depending on their expertise. These skills could range from computer skills to online marketing.

There are many templates available online which can be used to write a hospitality CV; however, all of those templates do not have what it takes to be selected. They are not “intelligent” enough.

What Makes A CV Intelligent?

The Artificial Intelligence that everyone is talking about these days has found its way into the resume industry as well. There are people now who are creating more productive resumes with the help of years of experience and surveys programmed into the systems of the AI. Among those people are the creators of

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It is an easy to use website which has all the necessary elements that can help you create the resume of your dream. The AI present there has been fed with all the relevant details that can be used to curate professional sentences based on the skills that are selected.

These skills, in turn, define the relevance of a resume for a particular job type. The AI effectively does that and through the match-making facility, it presents the user with the job openings that can be parallel to his or her skill sets or experience.

How to Write a Resume for the Hospitality Industry in Glever.Com?

Writing a resume with the help of the AI of Glever is unbelievably easy. From the first click on the “Create Resume” button on the front page to the conclusion of the resume, every step is a collaboration between your manual input and the AI present there.

Clicking or tapping on the “Create Resume” is just the start. You should follow the following steps in order to create the resume that the hiring manager could speak of astoundingly.

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1) Type your name, email, professional level, and everything that has been asked for in the prompt that follows. Mention your career field. You can find the Hospitality Industry related options in the “Others”.

2) After selecting the right career field, follow the instructions to enter the “Work Experiences”. As for the description of the work, you can add the automated responses that are displayed on the right side of the prompt. You can get the right responses for a particular skill(s) once you select it/them from the “Customize by Skills” tab. When you enter all the relevant information, all you’d have to do is save it. If you have more than one work experience, then you can add them all without any hassle.

3) Mentioning your education is the next most important thing. For that, you can click on the “Education” section of your resume.

4) There could be more than one section in your resume. For that purpose, you can select “Add More Sections” visible at the bottom of the CV.

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5) After you have completed putting in all the information, you can select the desired template and then click on “Finish Resume”.

6) Your resume will be saved in a tabbed form in your profile which you can either download as a pdf or use it online.

7) Since this AI is not just meant to help you create a resume, it can also provide you with ample searches of job positions available. is known to provide people with the opportunity to make an intelligent CV which can help them find proper job positions, or be found by the recruiters. As you can see from the steps given above, the website is very friendly in usage and can be used by anyone.

Plus, it has all the requisite skills of a particular industry from which you can select yours.

So, what are you waiting for? Create your first intelligent resume with Glever now!